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Andy Of Winfys Industrial Limited From China A Led Power Flares Factory

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

I have engaged in foreign trade SOHO work for many years , a single 10 million a month from penniless to realize, finally tranquility experienced many ups and downs in life.

I remembered in 2005, who only 300RMB, because it was their own little smarter, interviewed a translation company, a monthly salary of 2500RMB. No way, I feel I have to eat rice! Did not how to think, he turned into the company, three months after the translation work, I feel life is too dull, this is not the life I wanted, I would always feel jumping higher! In early 2006, I quitted my job of translation, a nearly 400people garment factories recruit foreign trade manager.

I used to interview, in order to ready the interview and I had a foreign trade market development plan. When I interviewed with the president, I appeared very confident, I talked about the market and the problems faced by domestic and foreign factories, factories month loss was 300,000 RMB, the loss of nearly half a year to more than 19 Million RMB. I had an interview with the chairman of the board for nearly two hours, then finally he told me very happy, after you do it boldly, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Trade your sole !! I was so successful in achieving the first goal of my life, I was out of the conditions is that salary 8000RMB + commission! I'm here for almost half a year, the factory created nearly 4 Million RMB profits!

In July 2010, I owned MY business, I did not take a client factory, invested nearly more than 70,000 RMB Ali MADE IN CHINA major trading platform. A few months down, no deal had a single, but I'm not discouraged, daily from 6 am till 15:00, has been guarding the computer, I go back over more than 7,000 letters of E-MAIL, those days who had not customers or what practical progress had been.

The body of the money was almost the same, a lot of pressure, I also do not go once thought. Chances are people are prepared to leave, one day, I received a telephone customer in USA , he was looking for some led power flares. 'I was very happy with the customer, I can help you do it, the first single very smooth transaction, anyway feel like a dream.I did not think I would be best buddies with this client, their agents abroad 14 of the company's business in China! September last year, when I took them to a one-time order of nearly more than 10 Million RMB.

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Contact Name: Andy
Company Name: Winfys Industrial Limited
Country: China
Email Address: info[-at-]winfys(dot)com
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