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Benmiao Zhang Of Suzhou Kangjie Medical Instrument, A Manufacturer Of Ophthalmic Products From China

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

I frankly speaking am still a newcomer in the import and export business. I did study it in school. My field is English. And I have great interest in the import and export business so I had taken some training classes of Cambridge Business English.

Now, although I just started my career as sales representative, I have grasped some knowledge of international trade business. In the near future, I will concentrate on my business and arm myself in this field with more knowledge. I also hope I can make friends with some experienced people in the fields who can kindly help me . I am really hoping that I can do a good job in the future.

About Your Business:

Our company is one of the four leading manufacturers of ophthalmic products in China. Established in 1998, our company has a history of more than 12 years. However, we actually have engaged in optical research since 1988. At that time, we do not have our own factory. When our present general manager had enough asset, he strategically started his own career. And now we have not only a big domestic market but also a large foreign market share.

Our products include KJ5Series slit lamp microscopes (8 types), KJ8Series ophthalmoscopes (2 types), KJ6Series streak retinoscope (3 types) and KJ1 Motorized table. Customers special requests are acceptable. Besides, we also provide cold processing services.

Although our company is not the most prominent one, we can provide you products and services with high quality you deserve. In the near future, we are in the process of boosting our sales. We hope to find a quality partner and have a great success in both of our career in the future.

Contact Name: Benmiao Zhang
Company Name: Suzhou Industrial Zone Kangjie Medical Instrument Co., Ltd
Country: China
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