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Bharat Variya Of Mahadev Wood Industries, Manufacturing Branded Coded Ready To Use Premium Wood products From India

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

We thought about exporting our products for two years but we had no idea how to get started in exporting our products. Some ideas came to mind regularly but I did not know how to do it.

I was going to many exporters regarding my products but every exporter was asking me to give them my products' details and they would handle exporting my products under their own brand name. I did not want this type of service. We wanted to export our products under our own brand.

I continued my search for exporters that would offer the service we were looking for. I would search for exporters and distributors who match our products interest via search engines then I would contact them to see if they are interested.

I was very happy that my efforts paid off. I found some importers that agreed to do business with us without conditions that hide our brand. Then I started working with freight companies such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc. Now I am exporting my products all over the world.

About Your Business:

Mahadev Wood Industries, with its non compromising high values and standard in wood work design, manufacturing and marketing, is the market leader. Mahadev Industries the first wood working company to create branded, coded and ready-to-use premium quality wood products. Mahadev Industries established market norms in quality products, as a result it is considered as the pioneer, the original and the best among wood working companies.

Mahadev Industries has been identified as a market leader since last two decades in wood market. Revolution is still on for Mahadev Wood Industries and we occupy the best place in the market by our high class services. Constant new experiments, crave for creativity and quality realization has kept the standards up. In fact the growing wood –work market has inspired us to expand even further and we achieved the milestones in the field and journey still on.

Mahadev Industries committed to fulfill the fresh demands of market and customize the products as per the contemporary market demands. Mahadev Wood Industries has expanded its range by adding new sizes in all the categories which gives multiple choice and options. All this latest additions are derived from continuous research and in-depth study of the needs of professionals as well as the end-users. We believe in relationships and believe to walk together for a long. We care for client satisfaction and our role does not end after delivering the product.

We are not only providing our services in all over India, but also export our products to all round the globe; we have our esteemed clients in all over the world. In Mahadev Wood Industries we preserve to take our brand to each and every corner of the globe and to acquire the No. 1 position in Wood Product Export in the country.

Our Main Products is Staircase, Stair Parts, Wood Molding, Exotic wood, Kitchen, Wooden Bowl, Carving

About Your Business:

Contact Name: Bharat Variya
Company Name: Mahadev Wood Industries
Country: India
Email Address:
Import Export Trade Leads: mahadevwood - Import Export