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Chris Of Excelsior Magnetics From China

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

I start sales career after college by selling all type of magnets for Chinese User, and many other trading companies who export the magnets all over the word.

But some years later, they became price fighters with low quality. It totally hurt the balance of the market in China. Lots of local manufacture don't earn money while the traders still have high profits by exporting, even with low quality products.

Then I realize why don't I export by myself? So that clients out of China can get high quality magnets with affordable price.

Then we set up a export sales team to start the export business.

About Your Business:

Founded in 1999, Excelsior Magnetics is a custom magnet manufacture of all types of permanent magnets and magnetic assemblies.

With 12 years experience manufacturing for local market and trading companies, we are ready and confident in servicing all over the worlds. Our technical specialists are here to help you solve your magnetic needs.

Whether it’s sizing a magnet to fit an application, choosing the most effective material or helping you get started and strength your trading business, we are here to help.

You can rely on Excelsior Magnetics to be your one stop magnetic solutions for your business.

Contact Name: Chris
Company Name: Excelsior Magnetics Co.,Ltd
Country: China
Email Address: xmager01[-at-]gmail[dot]com
Import Export Trade Leads: xmager- Import Export