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Ekambi Pramarasse Of Kornik Export Company From Thailand

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

The business of import and export to us was not introduced by any body because KORNIK EXPORT actually started as a small unit back in the early 90s where the CEO Mr Jabi klimoubsemeul started with buying some local fruits and nuts and kernels from the interior of Thailand and bring to the cities and just barely display in front of his yard compound.

And it all just started like that from a speedy turn over he started realizing the need to move out and get a place for rents and locate there to be able to have were to display and created a name for the store and like that gradually started developing the idea of opening another store in different provinces and like that until one Mr Edwin a tourist from Turkey said to Mr Jabi klimoubsemeul "Sir do you supply out of Thailand too?" and my boss said and he said if you do surely you will make more money. And that is how the whole idea of export started and from there it all developed to creating a full company name with promises with web link and employing staffs like my self who has been here since inception and all others and after some years we could import form other countries like India Vietnam LAOS etc.

About Your Business:

Kornik Export Company was established in the year 1994 and started the journey of exporting in the year 2000 that is six years later.We are a Trading company with an area of 500sqm. Customer satisfaction is our goal and we strife to providing high quality products to our customers.

As a Trading we Basically provide products and materials such as Scrap metals ferrous and none ferrous including items like nuts and Kernels that we just added to our list of products we provide .All these could be found in our seven different ware houses that we have.

Contact Name: Ekambi Pramarasse
Company Name: Kornik Export Company
Country: Thailand
Email Address: comkornik[-at-]outlook{-dot-}com
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