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Francis Lee Of Dongguan Coldmax Supplier Of Vacuum Cooler, Ice Machine And Cold Storage Room From China

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

During the college time, my major is English. In China, job prospect of the students whose major is language will be really limited. So many language student will choose the job do not related to language.

But I really want to apply my knowledge to my future life. And my sister is an international sales, she introduced the international sales job to me. At that time I also found that this job is also what I really like.

So after graduated, I started the sales job. Here is my advise:

(1) Learning to make best of your ears to hear all the sounds around! You can get much information with your ears. You can hear how your colleagues communicate with customers, and then you can learn the talking style and communicating skill. During my early days to the new job, I have learned so much from my senior colleagues in the way of hearing their conversation and telephone calls.

(2) Take full advantage of your eyes to observe all the things around you! Observe others good working habits and then absorb if possible. And also you can observation their tongue and expression when talking to customers. And also you can see what kind of date you need to prepare when you are going to talk with the customers.

(3) Learning to use your mouth reasonably. Our mouth is not just for eatting. You should learn to greeting to others, and do not feel shame when asking questions. Every body has his process from can't to can, so just keep learning and improving!

About Your Business:

Coldmax is leading Asian supplier of vacuum cooler, ice machine and cold storage room, with a wide experience in the market place and a production capacity of up to 100 (vacuum cooling) system per year!

Coldmax was founded in 2002, in the past 12 years, we have achieved 9 national patents and one CE certificate, successfully developed our own water vapor catcherfor vacuum cooler.

We have built a good reputation in the market like Europe, Asia, Canada and so on. We also set a European agent to sell machine to European market.

Contact Name: Francis Lee
Company Name: Dongguan Coldmax Ltd.
Country: China
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