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Gavin Lee Of Bezel Machinery Shanghai From China

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

My major in university was international business. After I graduated from university in 2002, I worked as a foreign sales assistant in a private company which produces car seat covers.

After one year, I became a foreign sales man. My main responsibilities were to maintain existed customers assigned by company and develop new customers through internet and exhibitions. I worked in these company for three years. I learned a lot of knowledge of foreign trade and management.

After I left that company, I enter a company which produces garments. They had never done any exporting business before I came and there were no any existed foreign customer. It takes about half a year for me to develop about 10 foreign customers. The only way of developing customers was internet. I didn't attend any exhibition.

I worked very hard and very late almost very day at that period. That's why I could develop so many customers. After two years later, I left that garment company and started my own business of garment with partner. I remember very clearly it was 2007.

Nightmare came after that. We started our own business by building a small factory. It was totally a disaster. As we promised, I managed sales work and my partner managed factory and production. But the small factory has been managed very bad. Quality problems and other problems came very frequently. And then the financial crisis. It knocked us down finally.

I lost all of my savings and owed a lot of debts. Finished the business, I worked in a garment trading company as a sales man for several years. In these years, I paid off all debts, and I got married, and I had a very lovely daughter. But from two years ago, garment business becomes harder and harder. Last year, the company I worked lost most important customers. I left there at the beginning of this year.

I enter Bezel Machinery (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd at June. My main responsibility is to develop new foreign customers. It is a challenge for me. Because machinery industry is quite different from textile industry. But I think I will be successful if I work hard enough. And I will do what I believe.

About Your Business:

Now I work in Bezel Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. We manufacture conveyor systems and conveyor components, such as modular belt, conveyor chain, conveyor sprocket, idler wheel, wear strip, guide rail, guide rail bracket, guide rail clamps, support pad, leveling feet.

Contact Name: Gavin Lee
Company Name: Bezel Machinery (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd
Country: China
Email Address: sale[-at-]bezelsh[-dot-]com