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Herbert He Of Zhejiang Tianfeng Plastic Machinery Plant, A Manufacturer Of PP Woven Bag Machinery From China

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

In college, I majored in the subject of International Business English. But after I am graduated I directly went to my brother's company working in Real estate. After working 3 months, I found that the company was not suitable for me. My English and know how in International Business cannot be used in this place. So I left my brother's company and I visited Wenzhou city which is very far from my hometown in about 1200km. I found my present job in International trading.

Our company is a major player in international trade as we produce the machines by ourselves. My main job is to sell the machines out of China. At first, I had a lot of difficulty doing international business trade. In school I have studied it from books but I found it to be very different in reality from what I read in books. So if I have any questions, I always ask the experienced colleagues. After 5 months working in the company, I received my first order which totaled about 600,000 USD and that is my biggest order at present from one client! I have been working in this company for about 5 years now.

About Your Business:

Zhejiang Tianfeng Plastic Machinery Plant as the pioneer manufacturer deals with PP woven bag machinery field more than 20 years.

We are professional Manufactures of PP Flat Yarn Making Machine, Monofilament Yarn Extruder Machine, 4/6/8 Shuttles Circular Loom, Multifunctional Leno Circular Loom, Plastic Laminating Machine, Automatic Bag Cutting and Sewing Machine, Flex/Greavure 6 Colors Printing Machine, High Speed Film Blowing Machine, Computer Film Bag Heating Cutting and Sealing Machine and so on.

  • PP/PE Tubular Woven Bags Product Line
  • PP/PE Tubular Laminated Bags (Cement Bags) Product Line
  • PP/PE Colored and Laminated Woven Bags Product Line
  • PP/PE Laminated Bags With Mid-Seam (Cement Bags) Product Line
  • PP/PE Jumbo/Container/FIBC Bags Product Line
  • PP/PE Tarpaulin / Flat Woven Fabric Sheet Product Line
  • PP/PE Leno Mesh Bag Production Line
  • HD/LD/LLD PE Shopping/T-shirt/Rubbish/Garbage Bags Product Line
  • PP/PE Rope Making Machinery Line
  • PP/PE Sun-Shade Net Production Line

Please do not hesitate contact me if you are interested in our machinery

Contact Name: Herbert He
Company Name: Zhejiang Tianfeng Plastic Machinery Plant
Country: China
Email Address:
Import Export Trade Leads: king0409 - Import Export