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James Hong Of Lylight Electric Supplying And Exporting Lighting Products From China

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

When I was in college, my study was English. After graduation in 1994, I worked as an interpreter at a poultry factory, where I accompany the foreign engineers 6 days a week.

The engineers are to supervise the installation of equipment. Communication, discussion and negotiation is necessary during the activities. My oral and writing English much improved at this period.

From 2001, I worked at a lighting factory export department, then I start to learn export business experience. I found it is the best favorite work I like.

Almost at same time I study export knowledge and lighting electronic principles. Step by step I experienced from a new hand. Offer our customer the price, send our customer the invoice, booking shipment, and attend international fairs.

I think we not only sell our lighting electronic items to our customer, but also offer the best service.

About Your Business:

We are supplier and exporter in China of lighting products such as:

  • LED tube light: SMD T5, LED T8 fluorescent lamp, T9 SMD circular led lamp
  • Microscope led ring light: Diam 60 and Diam 70 microscope illumination
  • Printed circuit board PCB: single, double, multilayer and aluminium PCB boards
  • Energy saving lamp ELS: 2U, 3U spiral compact fluorescent light CFL bulb
  • Fluorescent tube light: T5 light bulb, T8 linear fluorescent lamp
  • LED spotlight: GU10, MR16, G4 with dip diod or SMD LED
  • Emergency lights: power failure emergency lamp with battery lead acid

Contact Name: James Hong
Company Name: Lylight Electric Co.,Limited
Country: China
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