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Jenny Yi Of Smart Shine Lighting Factory Manufacturing High-Power LED Lights From China

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

I send some product information on website. One of USA customers is very interested in one of our led grow lights. So he sent email to me inquiry.

I reply to him in time and send competitive price to him. He is very glad and send order 10 pcs 300w led grow lights to me.

At the same time, I caculated best freight cost by DHL for his reference. He informed me it is ok. Hope me to send PI to him with bank account Number and I did so.

After we receive the payment, then deliver the goods to him by DHL in 3 to 5 days. In a week he received the goods.

He was highly appreciated me. Now his plants all grow well and pretty. What is more, he has earned so much money by selling our led grow lights.

Soon he send another new order to me every month. He will send one or two orders to me and I am very glad.

Now he has become my regular customers. He cooperated with us for 4 years till now.

About Your Business:

Smart Shine Technology Co;Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of LED lights, including led tubes, ball bulbs, floodlights, ceiling lights, spotlights, wall washers and panel lights, led grow lights ,led aquarium lights and so on. Which are well-distributed worldwide.

We perform complete automatic production in-house, such as die bonding, wire welding, powder painting, color sorting and more, enabling us to consistently manufacture high-quality products. Our products are 10 to 20 percent less expensive.

We started manufacturing high-power LEDs in 2005 and we have produced over 80 million LEDs for worldwide clients. Reinvesting five percent of our annual revenue in R&D, our 20 designers continue to improve our products to meet the demands of buyers.

In fact, we launch new 10 to 20 new models every month. Our color temperature is lower by 500kW for LEDs in the same batch. Furthermore, we offer a three-year warranty for all our products.

We can manufacture 5 million LEDs and around 60 million LED lights monthly. This assures buyers that we can fulfill their orders easily. To get your order started, contact us today.

Contact Name: Jenny Yi
Company Name: Smart Shine Lighting Factory
Country: China
Email Address:
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