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Jiaz Liu Of Padre Electronics From China Manufacturing Rechargeable Lithium Batteries

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

After graduation from university, I went to Shenzhen city. The reason I choose this city is that my major is international business, shenzhen is one of the best international business city in China, I was told that there are many factories there, students can get lots of opportunities there.

I start my first import and export business in a big rechargeable lithium battery company, Padre Electronics. My manager gave me great helps when I join this company as a new freshman, I am always grateful of him.

Under his guidance, I made my plans to start my jobs. I spent lots of time to study in battery manufacturing workshops, learn from workers, QC and engineers from assemble department, sample department, test center, QC department, manufacturing department, besides,I also asked many questions and got patient answers from my overseas colleagues, they are really kind.

In one month, I have got to know a lot about rechargeable lithium batteries, battery packs, PCB,and their features, enough to work with clients. At the same time, I printed many old sales papers, the invoices, orders, and helped them to do some simple jobs, hence, I got very familiar with the work flow, how to track the order production, how to communicate with engineers, how to arrange samples, and so on.

In the second month, I began to get down to my overseas sales job. My advice for freshman who just started their import and export business are:

First, You must try all your best, and make full use of various resources to study what you sell, your colleagues are your teachers, and the factory departments are your classroom, its up to you.

You must be professional when you introduce your products, and clients trust only people who know what they sell, and people who can be great help when customers need them.

Secondly, you must be friendly with all people who joined this company before you, all of them can be your teacher, its good to respect our teachers, with many teachers, you can learn much more than you can expect, this is very important to make you grow fast in your careers.

Finally, you need to have a positive mind attitudes, no matter towards to customers or friends. Why? No body likes a sales without smiles, smiles can people closer to hearts of each other as well as success.

About Your Business:

Padre Electronics Co Limited is an important professional rechargeable lithium battery manufacturer in China, mainly designs and produces lithium polymer battery(lipo battery), li-ion battery(lithium ion battery), LiFePO4 battery, both cells and OEM custom lithium battery packs for various applications.

Expect thousands of models of standard lipo batteries and li-ion batteries, Padre also developed lots of special super batteries such as 5C 12 minutes fast charging battery, -40 degree low temperature batteries, Ultra thin 0.5mm batteries, 60C high rate discharge batteries.

Contact Name: Jiaz Liu
Company Name: Padre Electronics Co Limited
Country: China
Email Address: sales[-at-]pdbattery[+dot+]com
Import Export Trade Leads: PadreLithiumBattery- Import Export

URL: Jiaz-Liu-Of-Padre-Electronics-Co-Limited-From-China