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Joyce Q Of Keyoptics A Manufacturer Of Fiber Optic Cables From China

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

when I started to work in this company after graduate from university in Singapore. I was very passionate in my new job, I started to advertise our products on internet platform, after 2 months, I received an inquire from a US customer who search for a particular equipment which is no more exist manufacturer in the world, now only left some used one in the antique market.

I rejected at the first time because it is not our business area, after insist by the customer, It kept me thinking for couple days before I decided to take this order.

It's quite challenging job, as there are no any components can be brought at the market. every single pieces must be made from nothing. Since I decided to take this order, I put all my attention to the design, material, structure, functions, electric specifications, manufacturing, logistics, packaging, etc. including all the issues have to been taken care of.

We disassembled the equipment into separate parts and pieces, total about hundreds components. After that we started to searching the similar mould factories according the antique sample.

Piece by piece, parts by parts. found the right mould factory to make the new mould and produce it according to its specifications, it takes about 30-40 days to have first sample for the new mould. If the sample is not suited, will re-worked for the sample again till it's suited. after all the sample has been made, we put it together to make into one completed equipment. There are some products come out again. Some parts may not compatible with other parts. Then we need to re-worked again. on and on like this.

We spent about 6 months to complete one golden sample which is approved by customer, after that started mass productions and every year we received a constant order. and our products have received good comments by the end-user. We were told there is no one else can make this equipment in the world besides Keyoptics.

About Your Business:

Keyoptics Co., Ltd. was founded in year 2001. the headquarter and manufacturing facilities are located in Guangzhou high techology Development Zone, China.

As a leading manufacturer of fiber optic cables in China, Keyoptics is dedicated to serving our customers by developing and supplying the highest quality fiber optic cable products.

By implementing ISO9001:2000 standard through all the company´s activities, Keyoptics assures its products and services to meet customers strictest quality demands. Keyoptics products have been authorized the Network Access Licenses by China Ministry of Information and UL listed. Advanced manufacturing technology, comprehensive production line and dedicated service enable Keyoptics to deliver the best products and services customers need today, as well as in the future.

Keyoptics company product range covers 16 series approximately 100 different types of fiber optical cables, as follows: Tactical fiber optic cables and kits Indoor/ Outdoor fiber optic cables Optical patch cords/connectors Digital Vedio Optical Transmitter and Receiver, Field Communication Telephone products , Deploying/Retrieving Rack for optic cables etc.

Keyoptics’ full lines of product assist you in field communication deployment of Fiber Optical Cable and systems in a more efficient way. With our professional product and excellent service, you are assured of saving both cost and time.

Contact Name: Joyce Q
Company Name: Keyoptics Co., Ltd
Country: China
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