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Kathy Of Shenzhen HNSAT Industrial Digital Voice Recorder Manufacturer From China

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

I have worked in HNSAT more than one month, in this company, my first order is from Mozambique customer, first time, he said he only need one piece sample about our USB flash drive voice recorder.

I said one piece shipping cost is same as more than 10 pieces, and tell him the total amount for one piece order and 10pcs order. Finally, he asked me offer 5pcs, I sent Proforma invioce to him and wait for his news, but wait about 3- 4 days, no response.

I decided to call him, finally, we get contacted and he remembered me and said he would pay for me after weekend.

I was very happy, however, till Wednesday, I didnot get any his pament confirmation, I sent a short message from Viber, which is a good software.

since I see he used Iphone when he replied emails, and I found he didn't install Viber software when I add him into my contact list, hence, I introduce this software to him and invite him use it.

From that now, I see he used Viber all the time,he should like it also. Finally, he told me he arranged payment via moneygram to me. It is a nice experiences.

The important experiences is that call the customer and find his hobby if have. The customer will remember you and give chance to you.

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Shenzhen HNSAT Industrial Co.,LTD is a professional manufacturer of digital voice recorder and video camcorder more than 12 years.

usb flash drive voice recorder, bluetooth phone voice recorder, mini video voice recorder, MP3 player voice recorder, high definition video camcorder, etc.

Contact Name: Kathy Kan
Company Name: Shenzhen HNSAT Industrial Co. Ltd
Country: China
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