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Lark Chou Of Nanchang Joyncleon Clothing From China

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

Hello, I am Lark Chou. Today I am here to share some of my export experience with you. I was majored in English at college, that was not because how much i loved English, but how much i loved an icon - Michael Jackson, a famous singer and dancer, and English was the only thing that i felt can bring us closer.

He passed away in 2009, the year i got to know him at the very beginning, that was the third and last year of my high school. When i heard the news "King of Pop" passed away i felt crushed, my sky fell down. After a few days' recovery, i collected myself again and i determined to know everything about him.

I listened all his songs and copied down every lyric of his songs, i watched every video and movie about him, and i read every forum about him, i mourned him with all his heartbroken fans. When i went to college i chose English as my major and worked very hard, every morning at 6 i got up to study, when i thought about him i just couldn't sleep anymore; when i thought about him i just couldn't find any reasons for me not to work so hard.

I was the only one who passed the TEM 8 at the first time in my dom. Upon graduation i chose export as my career because i thought i was good at English, this job was suitable for me. But i found it was not so easy to do export, being good at English was not enough, I had to learn much more than English, such as foreign culture, custom, export/import knowledge and communication skills ect. all of these are very necessary for a foreign salesgirl, sometimes i had to stay up very late. And sales got salary on their achievement, so i could only get very little money to support myself.

What's more, the loneliness is unbearable. Once i wanted to give up, however, when i thought about Michael I chose to hold on. After four months of hell work i finally succeeded, I got an order from an Indian customer. It indeed inspired me a lot. All things are difficult before they are easy. Since then, orders came one by one.

So here i provide some suggestions to friends who are ready to do export/import:

1, If you are afraid of loneliness and hardness, i suggest you to give up before you start

2, If you are already doing this, please hold on, harvest may take some time.

This is a little story about my export career, hope it can have a bit inspiration for you.

About Your Business:

We are a manufacturer of radiation protection garments, maternity dresses, aprons, vests which can protect pregnant women and their unborn babies against various radiation produced by household electrical appliances, such as microwave oven, computer, sweeper etc., and nursing bras of different styles are also available. Joyncleon Deep-seasedimentation was recognized as one of The Seven Technological Innovations by ICRP (the International Commission on Radiological Protection). Our factory is in Nanchang, the capital city of Jiangxi province in China.

Contact Name: Lark Chou
Company Name: Nanchang Joyncleon Clothing Co., Ltd.
Country: China
Email Address: mylovemj521[-at-]outlook[dot]com
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