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Marcin Piechowiak Of Confectionery Cooperative Roksana From Poland

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

I first faced with export-import business in 2005. Honestly, it was not a large piece of information or responsibility because I mainly dealt with accountancy issues but I managed to get a slight idea of what it was about.

A year later, when I joined Confectionery Cooperative Roksana, I dealt mainly with export issues together with translating of various kinds of documents from and into English language.

At that time they were looking for an export specialist with fluent English. I applied and managed to get the job.

I have been working in Roksana since then and trying hard to find new markets and companies that would like to buy candies.

About Your Business:

Confectionery Cooperative Roksana is a manufacturer of confectionery products and on the South-East region of Podkarpacie voivodship (Poland) is an unquestioned leader in that branch.

Permanent growth of technical level, expertness and huge determination of technological staff as well as hard work and reliability of the crew, have systematically strengthened the image of Roksana on the internal and external market.

Our flagship from over forty years have been milk fudges krowka based on our own, traditional recipes. A significant proof of their highest quality is the fact that 90% of today’s production capacity of that product goes to Austrian and German markets.

Directions and activities that have been taken currently, tend towards better beauty and repeatable high quality of manufactured products.

Going towards markets tendency and bigger satisfaction of our customers every year we introduce new products. A proof of that is Certificate of System Management Quality. We have also implemented HACCP System.

Contact Name: Marcin Piechowiak
Company Name: Confectionery Cooperative Roksana
Country: Poland
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