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Marcus Sohlberg Of Export2Asia Group Limited From United Kingdom

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

I came to China during the "boom years" of the late 00's as a language student. A few years later I set up my own business managing the supply chain for American and European companies importing from China. However, I always felt that I was a bit "late in the game".

At the same time, China and the rest of Asia started to emerge as a major market for exporting products. I felt that this was my shot. This was my chance to reinvent my business and do something that thousands of other businesses didn't already do (there's a lot of competition in the sourcing industry).

In 2013, me and two friends, decided to take the chance and set up

About Your Business:

What we offer is simple – but unique. offers a supplier directory where European and American products can list their products for free. However, that is in itself not a unique or "game changing" business model. Apart from offering a platform, that consists of the directory, we also offer a range of sales services for our users.

Want to get your page translated to Japanese? Want to hire an agent sourcing buyers in Taiwan? It's only a click away. You don't need to hire workers on your own, we sort that out for you. We believe that there's a ton of untapped potential among European and American small to medium sized enterprises. We are offering these companies a gateway to reach large and growing markets in Asia – for a fraction of what it used to cost.

Contact Name: Marcus Sohlberg
Company Name: Export2Asia Group Limited
Country: United Kingdom
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