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Mingway Hu Of Mateng Manufacturing Agricultural Equipment From China

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

When I was a student in my university, there are three exchange foreign students come one year, and we are friends.

At first I helped them to buy something from China like books, DVDs, and gifts. Maybe my business is from that time. Thibaut is my first clients in agricultural field. One day I received his inquiry email like normal ones, just ask me the price of wood chipper.

I replied him in the same day. Asked him some information about his company too. When I got the news that he only want one pcs to trial, I was not looking good for him. Because there are so many enquiry email like that, want the price first then tell me want one pc to trial. When talked about the detail sample cost and shipping cost there is no answer from the customer. Always like that...

This time when I told him sample cost will be higher than full containers' and if you only want one pc for own farm my suggestion is from your local agricultural market (sample cost add shipping and other fee, is really expensive. It will much cheaper than import from other country). He told me, he understand that one sample price is high and will pay it and shipping fee. If the sample good will buy more from us.

Thanks god you are so kind Thibaut. Yes we began our business from that time, and I give him the detail process info (photos) about his order, like today we cutting the raw material and this time we welding it and when we painting then assembly it. Who is very clear about his order in which step every day. About the sample shipping I pick the best agent for him (cheapest one and shortest delivery dates) And we do have a good cooperation.

After that one full container order. We are good friends now. For me do import export business is like make friends, honest and reliable for every clients.

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Mateng is one of the leading manufacturers in the production of agricultural equipments, such as flail mower, rotary tiller, wood chipper, PTO backhoe, snow blower and etc. for compact utility tractors.

Established in 2008, it has built a strong cooperation with worldwide customers by quick growing.

Thanks to its flexibility and attention to the customers' requests, the Company has developed a wide range of products for Gardening, Farming, Wood and Road Maintenance.

We provide 12 month guarantee and 24 hours prompt reply.

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