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Rahul Gupta Of Bellolite Technology From India To China Manufacturing Led Lights

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

I am from india and I was selling computer consumables there. A friend of mine Viveik called me and offered me to come and work with him in Hong Kong.

There I learnt about Import & Export, shipping, purchase and sales.

With him I went to attend many shows in Europe & US and learn a lot about different products and markets. So came into the export import business.

I started my own company in 2003 in Hong Kong and later opened a small factory to make LED lights in Shenzhen to export all over the world.

The main factor is the hard work you need to put in and be attentive to each and every thing that goes by.

At that time we think, we don't need to do this as this is not our job but in the long run every thing helps.

Import and Export is also all about hard work and of course the luck and the education also plays a big role.

About Your Business:

BelloLite specializes in cordless lamps and lights for commercial, hospitality, home and outdoor environments.

We are a company based in Shenzhen, China. BelloLite is dedicated to manufacturing and distributing the most innovative, fashionable, and economical cordless lamps and lighting worldwide.

While the company is founded in 2011, we have exclusive know-how about the cordless lamp industry, as over the last 5 years, we were responsible for the ODM of cordless lamps sold under different brand names.

Thus, we strive to design and deliver quality lighting products that benefit both people and the environment since we understand the product so well.

With expertise in design and production management, BelloLite offers its’ valuable customers unique designs of cordless colored lights and lamps.

Not to mention, we are also flexible and are more than pleased to design according to your specific company / personal needs.

Contact Name: Rahul Gupta
Company Name: Bellolite Technology Shenzhen Ltd
Country: China
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