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Stephen Smith Of GHC Movers and Packers From the Bahamas

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

I got my start in this industry when I was in high school. I was invited to spend the day with my neighbor that worked for a very successful import/export company in Miami. I was amazed when I saw the line of trucks waiting to be loaded, and how simple it looked from my young eyes. I watched the forklifts move through the warehouse with such grace, and started wishing that one day I would be the driver on the forklift or driving the semi trucks.

Growing up, I had a lot of adventures. I never lost move love for large trucks, and did a lot of time driving. It was not until I moved to the Bahamas, that I was eager to be the boss of my own company. I worked for moving and shipping companies for about 7 years, when I finally decided that it was time for me to do what I loved doing. My plan was simple. I would open a local moving company, and grow from there. The one thing about moving/shipping, it's one big happy family. The same principles you had for moving the shipment from point a to point b, you added to shipping an item from one place to the next.

I can never forget my first international shipment. My company was hired to send some personal freight to Canada. Today, I am getting request to ship items all the way to Africa. Knowing that my company is slowly gaining popularity, I know in a matter of time, it will be the biggest and best company in this region.

About Your Business:

GHC Movers and Packers, is a Bahamas based moving company that provides moving, packing, delivery, and trucking services.Our experienced and professional staff has been moving families and businesses locally and internationally for over 3 years.

For those of you planning on moving or shipping products to the Bahamas, let us be the first to assist you. We are very knowledgeable and skilled logistics agents, that can assist you with clearing your shipment or products in a timely manner, and handle all your destination service needs.

With us, no job is to small or to big, we will match or beat any quote, and you can contact us at any time on any day to schedule your free moving estimate or answer any questions you may have in regards to shipping to the Bahamas.

We guarantee providing you with the best service and care for all your moving or commercial needs.

At GHC Movers and Packers,"we're moving the world one customer at a time".

Contact Name: Stephen Smith
Company Name: GHC Movers and Packers
Country: Bahamas
Email Address: ghcmovers [ a t ] hotmail { d o t } com