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Sunny Ye Of EDI-LED Electronics, A Manufacturer Of Led Lighting From China

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

My first time in the export business was in a small company which sells Leds and Led Light for illumination and decoration. It was a newly founded company and my manager was a woman. There are two departments one is the led department and the other was our department focusing mainly on led light.

I started from a sales assistant for our manager and salesman so that I learn the sales work and product fast. Then my manager gave me some customers contact information and asked me to get in touch with them. In about one year, I became a saleswoman from an assistant.

Because our international sales department is not in mainland china, my English is better than other colleagues, so if there were some foreign customers in mainland, my manger would ask me to serve them. I am lucky that our international sales manager came to mainland for work and taught me many thing about exporting and for me to became involved in international sales. Thanks for my two managers in teaching me more about our products, export process, and also sales skills. Also thanks for my customers that I got many expertise from about exporting through the cooperation we had. After I left the company, I got a new job as a sales manager which is in charge of the whole export department!

About Your Business:

EDI-LED Electronics Co., Ltd is a leading manufacture of led lighting in China. We are mainly specializing in led lighting for illumination and decoration used for homes and also for commercial places. Our products are mainly in: LED Bulb light, LED Downlight , LED Fluorescent Lamp, LED Tube, LED Wall Washer, LED Flood Light, LED Panel Lights, LED Bar lights, LED Ribbon, LED Neon, LED Strip light, LED Modules, LED Controllers and LED Drivers, LED Power Suppliers etc.

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Company Name: EDI-LED Electronics Co., Ltd
Country: China
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