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Tifa Of Shanghai BroSis Industrial From China in Sublimation Industry

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

My name is Tifa and i am from China . I was graduated in 2012 from university. My major is history , of course , i was supposed to be a history teacher after graduation. But in my opinion , i just don't want to stay at the school for my whole life , so i decided to look for a different job .

One day , my friend told me that she would go to Shenzhen , i thought that maybe a great option , so i went to Shenzhen 3 days later with her , and found a job in a trading company that is dedicated in car accessories .

Half a year later , i went to Shanghai because i always think that life is too short but the world is so big , i have to experience more lives when i am young . And then i worked at the company that markets in paper industry for 2 years . It's not a big company , and the resource was limited , so i have to do everything myself , i learned how to do exporting business , how to write emails , how to make telephone calls .

At first i was so anxiously , but with time passed , i got used to it and i was addicted to it finally . The only thing that i don't like is , actually the company is a trading company , but he declaimed he's a factory to every client . The circumstance in China market is that 95% are trading companies , and only the rest 5% is factory , but all of them declaim that they are factories . Sometimes this won't harm the business , maybe you think it is a "good lie" for everyone , but i think , honest is the priority of business . Without honest , business only will go worse and worse . I don't like it , so i have to change it .

So i made up a decision , to build up my own trading company , with honest , personal integrity ,and impeccable business ethics . After several months , it turned out to be our clients like this kind of business very much , we will tell every client that we are a trading company before they ask .

Hopefully our company will go better and better , and will help a lot of clients from lies in the whole world. Thank you very much !

About Your Business:

Our company is dedicated in Sublimation industry , such as sublimation paper , sublimation ink , textile vinyl , and heat transfer paper . Price Quality , will make your company more competitive. Professional , will help you promote your business . Let's work together to create a better future !

Contact Name: Tifa
Company Name: Shanghai Bro-Sis Industrial Co.,Ltd
Country: China
Email Address: tifa[-at-]dyesublimatonchina[-dot-]com
Import Export Trade Leads: dyesublimation- Import Export