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Yothin Asawarattanasak Of Siamarthouse Producing Sandstone Carving, Wall Stone Carving And Bronze Sculptures From Thailand

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

I live in the Handicraft village, Thailand. My village has a several goods such as Home and Garden decoration, Gifts, and Crafts, etc.

I have a graduate diploma degree in Marketing. I love the Internet and trial and error for create the first my website to promote the goods in the my village.

After that I got the e-mail from US. visitor, him looking for the Buddha wooden carving. I sent him the photo and description.

In the next week him sent e-mail order 4 Buddha statues. I have the commission from vender $100.

I think this story will help somebody and maybe it's the same idea to first start the value online business.

Good luck, You can do it!

About Your Business:

We set up the Siamarthouse Ltd, .Part. export in 2008 to provide the best reproduction of the work of art in the sandstone carving, wall stone carving and bronze sculptures.

The Hindu deity and Buddha in Bronze and Sandstone product to collectors, specialist, wholesalers, shop and Retailers in Europe and North America. we are glad to sell directly to private collectors, hotels, resorts, Spa, seller and interior designers.

Everything we present the offers has been hand-made by craftsmanship in our own workshops or in the homes of our personally. Hindu deity and Buddha sculpture in several sizes and styles. The carving of large Hindu and Buddha sculptures and the wall stone carving is a very difficult.

Our Manufactory and working aria are based in Supanburi of Middle Thailand. We have completely several beautiful reproduction the sandstone and Bronze Hindu deity, Buddha sculptures, wall stone carving from Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Burma and other Southeast Asian countries.

We have Hindu deity, wall stone carving , Buddha sculptures in bronze, Sandstone and granite. Thai Buddha sculptures, Burmese Buddha sculptures, Khmer God or Hindu deity from other countries in Southeast Asia. Our work of art are very beautiful and reproduction work aesthetic quality.

Siamarthouse Ltd,. Part. in our galleries has as reproduction of the Hindu deity, Buddha sandstone sculpture Buddha bronze sculpture ,standing Buddha, seating Buddha, reclining Buddha, meditating Buddha, wall stone carving.

Our Hindu and Buddha sculptures are not only precious work of Asian reproduction antique styles. Each Hindu and Buddha gesture refers to a different state of being, and a different way to enlightenment.

We hope our products may speak for themselves, but we would also like to tell you that we aim to be friendly, helpful and businesslike in our dealings with our customers who come from all over the world. You can examine our full range, prices and terms of business at your leisure in this extensive Internet catalogue, and if you ask for information or a quotation we will do our best to respond quickly.

We very much hope you will give us a change to serve you, as we know your customers will be delighted with our wares.

Contact Name: Mr. Yothin Asawarattanasak
Company Name: Siamarthouse Ltd., Part.
Country: Thailand
Email Address:
Import Export Trade Leads: Siamarthouse - Import Export