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Abdullah Kar Of Aprichem Food And Cosmetics From Turkey

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

Regarding import and Export business; Trade is our family business left from our father he was working on food items especially dried foods and apricot.

We learned many thing from our father how to buy and how to deal with the peoples and we thought to expand our business to other countries so we started exporting.

At the start it was not easy because international business was very different than local one and we lost many money but after being experienced in this we started to enjoy our international business.

About Your Business:

Aprichem Food and Cosmetics is a platform for the collaboration and partnership between leading international importers and local professionals Aprichem offers a range of solutions, products, and resources to professionals in several Product line as such flavored powder drink, confectionery, chocolate, soap, wet wipes, baby diapers and deodorants with wide range of products and lots of subcategories. It is our goal to become a valued supplier of products for the entire continents of the world.

We are committed to the highest standards of excellence in everything that we do on behalf of our customers and ourselves.

Our Mission: For everyone to be able to obtain foods safe for their health, while establishing and promoting “a better life” through “reliable Aprichem Products”. To be sensitive to the expectations of the general public; to embrace the idea of being socially responsible; Being sensitive to the expectations of general public and embracing the idea of being socially responsible while promoting business ethics and abiding by all applicable laws with care.

Vision: To make Aprichem become an internationally known brand by pursuing the ever changing needs of our customers continuously.

Contact Name: Abdullah Kar
Company Name: Aprichem Food and Cosmetics
Country: Turkey
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