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Bruce Yu Of Wavespectrum Laser, A Manufacturer High Power Semiconductor Lasers From China

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

Wavespectrum Laser, inc. is a leading Laser Company around the world. Our First Business with Europe was around year 2002.

We started in international trading with help from one of our friends who worked in Europe. He introduce a big laser company to us for OEM Service. We offer the Laser Diode Package and Coupling Service to them. First time we just offered them one set of a sample Later they evaluated the sample and they were satisfied with its price and quality. So we started the long-term cooperation till now.

Later on we have expanded our customer base to North America and the rest of Europe. We are very happy with that. Thanks to our friends and Customers.

About Your Business:

Wavespectrum Laser, inc is a Leading Laser Company around the world.

Our Products mainly are: High power laser diodes(C-mount and TO3 package) HHL Package Fiber Coupled Laser Diode Module(4-pin package) SM Coaxial Package Diode Laser Module(with SMM/PMF) DFB Laser Diode Single mode Laser diode Coaxial Pacakge Photodiodes Wavelength:375nm 445nm 450nm 455nm 635nm 640nm 642nm 650nm 658nm 660nm 670nm 675nm 685nm 690nm 780nm 785nm 808nm 810nm 830nm 840nm 850nm 870nm 880nm 905nm 915nm 940nm 980nm 1270nm 1290nm 1310nm 1330nm 1350nm 1370nm 1390nm 1410nm 1430nm 1450nm 1470nm 1490nm 1510nm 1530nm 1550nm 1570nm 1590nm 1610nm 1620nm Laser Diode Products

Contact Name: Bruce Yu
Company Name: Wavespectrum Laser, Inc.
Country: China
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