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Norman Cao Of Prelead Industry, A Trading Company Specializing In Industrial And Electrical Products And Plastic Injection Molding From China

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

I started my career with an engineering background, had a chance to be an engineer if i worked in a factory, just like my father and many other classmates. I did work in factory for a year, a great electrical factory which is also the member of Fortune Global 500. But i got strong interest in trading and I paid more attention to internet trading by learning more English and basic trading incoterm in college. So I left that factory and joined a trading company in Shanghai.

Absolutely there is big difference between the factory and the trading company. Factory pays more attention to "things" while trading cares more about "people". I learnt a lot and worked a lot for I knew I was just a rookie. Fortunately I grew fast. I learnt from websites, from clients, and from suppliers. I think the most important thing is the "Responsibility", like responsibility to family, loved ones, and friends. So we are willing to do everything we can to meet all the clients' needs.

For me, I think it is not necessary to buy from the factory. Buyer thinks the factory price always cheaper than a trading company. We all know that it is not true for we contact more than 20 factories to compare prices. We can find the better price. Most factories we contact don't speak English or don't have the exporting license. Also, we do strict quality control to every order. You cannot count on the factory to do QC themselves.

About Your Business:
We are a trading company specializing in industrial products, including metallic (machining, forging, casting, extrusion, bending, welding, stamping, assembly, zinc finishing, powder coating, polishing), electrical (Li-ion battery pack, battery chargers, PCB, home appliance, electrical components) and plastic injection molding.

Besides, we are doing the sourcing and the exporting of miscellaneous products. Find the best products in price and quality by comparing the pricings, visiting factory and strict quality control. Choose the best way to send goods to save time and cost, ensure the safety of the payment and the goods.

Additionally, with the support of the engineering team, we are willing to develop the new products and doing the OEM work for our clients. Prelead Industry is ready and at your disposal. We are doing our best to be your best supplier in China.

Contact Name: Norman Cao
Company Name: Prelead Industry Co.,Ltd
Country: China
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