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Christina Zhao Of Hancom Technology For Modern Inductor Manufacturing From China

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

I started in the import export business from 2005. I worked in a trade company selling in the local market of China and not abroad.

But since I was in sales, I wanted to work with a bigger market, so I sent our products information to all trade websites. Shortly, there were some people who began sending massages asking about our products.

I was new to this but I began contacting clients who sent me a message. I tried my best to provide best service to them and finally we started our first international business. With time and gradually, we accumulated a base of fixed clients.

It is important to study about export information with classmates and friends, talk about the export experience with them, and work hard to succeed.

About Your Business:

Hancom (HK) Technology Co., Ltd. integrates R&D, manufacturing, module & system design and sales into one. Apart from operating a modern inductor manufacturing facility, we also serve as an agent for multiple famous brands inductor manufacturers, dealing varieties of power inductors and high frequency ones. Currently we mainly focus on NORDIC radio frequency chip series, and supply our clients with supporting inductors and peripheral components.

Hancom Technology has a full range of talented specialists, development facilities, and RF design engineers. We have successfully developed a series of wireless modules based on NORDIC semiconductors. Other than this, we also entertain special orders placed by our clients to meet their unique needs. This business approach has proved to serve the best interests of our clients, and we grow out of it as well.

Hancom Technology always upholds clients-centered business philosophy, and does our best to offer you the most reliable products by applying state-of-art technologies, which would surely render your design simpler, more efficient and reliable, and hence effectively reduce your costs in product development and assembly.

We work hard to expand the applications of our product line, and are more than willing to work with you and share relevant information. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal and we take great pride in your accomplishments.

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