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Cynthia Zhang Of Guangzhou Sunon Auto Accessory From China

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

I was work for a Saudi trade company. I am in charge of Guangzhou branch office. Learned a lot from the working, like Find the supplier, inspect the order, arrange the shipment etc.

After 5 years, I am start think about myself life, I tell myself my life should be more challenging and rewarding. Cannot always only stay in office and get salary monthly.

After 6 months, my bother and me together decided open a office together.

I am so lucky. One of my customers from Egypt when he heard that I have my own office he tell me he will come and be my first customer.
And he did.

He asked me: Do you know why I come to you?
I said: only i can say is thanks
He said: he come to our office because he know cynthia is honest person who can be trusted. I am so glad to hear about you.

Honest and Service will be my business life for ever.

This is my story.

About Your Business:

Guangzhou Sunon Auto Accessory Co.,Ltd(L & C Leading Technology Co., Limited)has been a manufacturer of Car LED Bulbs, Canbus LED Lamps, Auto HID Lamps, Strip LED Lights, Led Daytime Running Lights and other related products for more than 5 years, with 136 workers. Guangzhou Sunon Auto Accessory Co.,Ltd. has three production lines for LED lamps. Each of these lines is staffed by at least three QC inspectors who also perform seven-hour burn-in tests.

Their hard work ensures our defect rate of only 0.01 percent. We also have 2 years' experience in OEM and ODM services for different sorts of LED lamps and most of our LED lamps have been certificated by CE, RoHS and SGS.

Honesty and Quality are the guidelines that Guangzhou Sunon has always been following. Guangzhou Sunon also highly respects technique and innovation and has been pursuing first-class products and service.

Currently, our products are exported to Europe, North America, South America and Middle and Southeast Asia. We believe that "now we are leading here, not far away, you will be leading there!

We are looking forward to establishing good long-term business relationships with you in the near future. Find out more about what we can do for you.

Contact us as soon as possible. Guangzhou Sunon may not be the first but surely the best business partner of you! Let's march to a better future with our cooperation!

Our faith :Same on Quality,Win by Price;Same on Price,Win by Quality.

Contact Name: Cynthia Zhang
Company Name: Guangzhou Sunon Auto Accessory Co.,Ltd
Country: China
Email Address:
Import Export Trade Leads: GlobalAutolight - Import Export