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Emily Of Ningbo Hitech Wede Motor Machines From China

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

I studied software in colleague and after graduated from school in the year 2004. First I worked as a website editor for the famous computer company ASUS, the website database is SQL Server. We were young and happy to know new things, I inquiry to my manager Rocker that I want to change to the manufacturing department. Rocker was a young leader who approved. So I worked as quality member for OEM Apple ipod products, two engineers from Apple stayed in Asus at that time,we analyzed the problem which happened during production and report to them, the customers from Apple were hard working, intelligent, and kind.

One year later I moved to Ningbo, a port city, in the year 2005, I worked in Gigabyte as a quality engineer for the mainboard and PC products, then two years later I quit and married to my husband, and in the coming year we had a baby, we were not mature enough to be parents and not know how to handle many things.

The days past and our baby now is a boy already and he likes reading . Time flies, in the year 2007 I wanted to change my career, not work in the computer field anymore, the Asus, Gigabyte are good company with wonderful system, but I want something new.

I quite again in the end of year 2007. I attend many interview in the year 2008 and meet many people, a young manager ever asked me: Could you please tell me what is the meaning of FOB? that is a simple question now, but at that time I know little about the international trade term,I read many books then and passed one interview, the company produce machinery for making motors, it was new!

I worked as a documents handling staff at first, dealing with the customers order shipment, in this process, by the help of our sweet team, my manager and colleagues, gradually I knew something about the machine after around one hundred documents been handled, I attend and studied when customer came for inspecting their machinery, and I tried to sell the products on some b2b website, to my surprise, I got some inquiry very easily and when the customer send email to my address directly, asking me what they want, I were happy to be useful for them, choose the suitable machine and recommend the right machine for them.

It was good to know customers from worldwide, each country’s person have their own characteristic, it is interesting, when our team gather, sometimes we talked about the customers we meet, the interesting thing, the issued we solved. I brought a globe to see the location of the Countries, serious-minded more than I studied in school and I began to like travel around the world, to see a world which are different from my own country.

I loved my field, machinery and equipment are automation which take the place of labor job gradually, improve the efficiency and reduce cost, it is the future, the tread.

About Your Business:

We are Chinese machinery company who supply following machines for local and oversea customers who produce motors and Induction cookers

1. High speed press for lamination and stack production of rotor, armature, stator

2. AC motor production line Rotor related: Rotor casting machine, rotor turning machine Stator related: Paper inserting machine, stator coils winding machine(coil making), stator coils insertion machine (insert winding and wedge), stator coils forming machine, stator coils lacing machine (single side lacing and two end lacer), stator testing machine, stator varnish impregnation machine

3. DC motor production line Armature related: Commutator press, paper inserting machine, armature powder coating machine, armature winding machine, wedge inserting machine, armature commutator fusing machine, armature commutator turning machine, armature balancing machine, armature testing machine, armature varnish trickling machine Stator related: Paper forming and cutting machine, 2 poles stator winding machine, BLDC motor stator winding machine

4. Starter production line “W”, ”B” shape paper inserting machine, round/flat wire shaping machine, wire inserting machine, twisting machine, wire head cutting machine, commutator hotstacking machine, commutator turning machine Magnetic field coils shaping machine, magnetic field coils belt wrapping machine, magnetic field coils forming machine, magnetic field coils hole making machine, magnetic field coils welding machine, Magnet sticking machine

5. Induction cooker coils line Rice cooker litz wire winding, Induction cooker induction heater coil disk winding (sparse and dense coil), place and clamp terminal, induction heater coil disk shaping and wound coil disk hot melt, magnet inserting machine, welding, testing

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Company Name: Ningbo Hi-tech Wede Motor Machines Co., Ltd
Country: China
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