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Emily Zhao Of Shandong Strong Casting Company An OEM Manufacturer Of Iron, Steel, Aluminium, And Non-Ferrous Casting Parts

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

My major in college is Chinese Literature

However I am interested in English so before graduation I went to OMEDA Language school in Yangshuo Guangxi to study spoken English which improved my English standard.

After graduation I worked in an south Korean venture company and started the import and export business

I learned what is invoice, packing list, contract, forwarder, booking shopping, customer and so on.

About Your Business:

Shandong Strong Casting CO.,Ltd is one of leading OEM manufacture of iron &steel, aluminum, non-ferrous casting parts.

Green sand casting, dry sand casting, resin sand casting, silicon sand casting, water glass casting, lost foam casting, investment casting are all introduced in our own foundry.

Our main products are cast iron rings, cast iron drum, casting brake drum, drum disk, wheel hub, pump and valve body casting, motor body casting, differential housing casting, inpeller, flywheel housing etc.

Contact Name: Emily
Company Name: Shandong Strong Casting Co., Ltd
Country: China
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