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Emma Lee Of Guangzhou Kinggreat Trading An Electronic Products And Accessories Supplier From China

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

This is Emma from Guangzhou Kinggreat Trading Ltd in China. I am so glad to be here to tell you guys my own story about learning import and export business.

Of course I would love to discuss with you some of my confusions and hope to learn more about the culture and people around the world.

Why I choose to do import and export business?

The answer at the beginning is pretty quite simple for me because I know nothing about business in college. My major in college was chemistry as the exciting feeling to do the experiments. However, I am kind of frustrated about the theories. Meanwhile, I was keen to learn English as I figured out that how large the world was.

I love to talk to the people from different countries and regions about their local culture, interests and customs.

I assumed that it might be good to be an international sale so that I could meet more and more people and made friends with them.

I can not say that I know business right now but I already start the first step. Before, I was working for a manufacturer which was engaged in television. Now I am working for a trading company in GZ, China. At this time, I have to compare the advantages and disadvanges between manufacturer and trading company.

I have been asking myself for a long time if it was better to stay in a factory rather than a trading company. The answer depends on the clients.

The advantages of trading company:

  1. Cost: If your client needs to purchase many kinds of products, they might be produced from different factories and it would cost more time and manpower to handle the issues with different seller.
  2. Risk: Trading company has various path of supply and guarantee the stability of providing the products. Even though one of their suppliers comes across some problems, there is another supplier to replace.
  3. Market ordering: Factory, Trading company, Importer, End users.
  4. Service and Flexibility: Trading company must know the market of their fields. They will collect the latest business information and tell their clients what is hot recently. Some of the clients are looking for a quite special product which might be out of the field. Even it will cost much time, we also can search for suppliers for clients.

In summary, if the clients are looking for one or several products, they probably prefer to deal with a manufacturer for a lower price. If they are looking for many kinds of products, choosing a trading company can save more time and manpower.

Thanks for reading. Hope that it is helpful for your guys.

About Your Business:

Guangzhou Kinggreat Trading Ltd established in 2005 is primarily engaged in the manufacture and export of electronic accessory products and the import of alumium sheet and clinical equipments.

We are a great supplier of many type of electronic products including AC/DC Adapter and power supplies, mobile phone batteries, GPS battery, in-car charger, power bank. We invest three factories which are located in Dongguang, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

We are committed to providing our customers with quality products at the most competitive price.

With leading of our CEO Mr. Martin Lin, we built up an extraordinary reputation and grow up faster and faster.

Our strategy is to discover what our customers need before they do and assist them to expand their career.

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