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Gursel Of Jilda From Turkey Producing Versatile Divider As Curtain, Wall Paneling, Room Divider Or Transparent Accent Element

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

Started as a family business.

First we built a factory in Kyseri free zone in 1989.

Then we started to advertise and sell locally in Turkey.

After that we decided to grow larger and started to export our goods to outside the country.

Our product is a new invention and something new.

people like it and no one disappointed yet.

About Your Business:

Jilda has various functions: as a curtain, as wall paneling, as a room divider or as a transparent accent element in large and small rooms.

The right room divider can transform a sprawling open space by creating intimacy and adding dimension. With multi-functional variations Jilda dictates no rules allowing for individual assemblage in different heights, widths and colors.

Jilda is a building block system that invites creativity. Jilda is a true quick-change artist that bathes the window and room with light and color even on the gloomiest day.

The basic module of Jilda is a 0.5 mm plexiglass panel in a 29 x 29 cm format. The small plexiglass squares with rounded corners have wholes on all four sides through which they are easily connected with chrome hooks.

Forming spineless columns, which can be hung in conventional curtain tracks, Jilda creates a mobile room element, and when necessary can easily be folded together and pushed to the side.

The flexibility means Jilda can be configured to nearly any space whether mid-room, as a wall covering, in a window, or simply as an accent element and it can fold out of the way if needed. Multi-functional? Most definitely?
Well-designed? Absolutely.

Contact Name: Gürsel
Company Name: Jilda
Country: Turkey
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