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Man Kit Wong Of MKW Products Limited Helps in Supplying Products and Supply Chain Management from China

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

I started the import export business in 2012. Before that, I had worked in computer industry for over 15 years.

I was educated in USA and worked in Canada for 13 years in personal computer industry. Then I spent a few years working in ShenZhen China in telecom and industrial computer field.

Also I ran a small local business in China. During my years in China, I learned about the import and export opportunity. I see the huge market places in China and the abundent product suppliers here.

With my many years of computer and electronic experiences, and the experiences working both in Canada and China, I believe I understand the western culture and customer requirements and can provide valuable supplier management services to them.

About Your Business:

MKW Products Limited is an emerging company established in 2012. We specialize in import and export, international trading and supply chain management.

We manage the whole process of product supplying for our international customers. This process involves components such as suppliers, factory, shipping, customs, quality checking etc.

MKW manages the process entirely so that our customers will be able to concentrate on spending their time, energy and resources on their own market and their own customers.

MKW Products Limited helps in supplying products in wide ranges including but not limited to electronics, furniture, LED and others. We aim at finding the most cost effective products for our customers.

MKW maintains transparency in suppliers’ price to our customers, we only charge our customers a fixed percentage (10%) of the supplier’s price to us as service fee (logistics is extra).

We do this as we are providing supply chain management service as the values to our customers. We are not a manufacturer of products. By selecting MKW, our customers will get the most cost effective products from selected suppliers as well as the trustworthy supply chain management service from MKW.

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