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Lywin Of Xeno Specializing in Research, Design and Manufacturing High Power LED Flashlights From China

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

Hi All, I would like to share my export story.

English is my favorite course, So I always have a dream to communicate and do business with foreigners. Unfortunately, I worked as the distributor manager for my first job in logistic company after my graduated. Logistic is one of the important part of import and export, but not more chance to communicate with foreigners daily, just handle file with some simple English.

Then I decided to change my job and worked as a merchandizer for my second job in a gift trading company. In that trading company, I had more chance to communicate to my clients from Canada, but just follow the order for our client, which assigned by our company. That said, my client is fixed. No need for me to seek more clients from more countries. On the whole, I have learned how to service our client, how to communicate with our supplier, acquaint with the export process well. Except accept an order by myself, I thought I knew well about the whole process.

Consequently, I think I should start my job as salesman in an export company. Choose as the salesman, Choose the products you will sell is one of the important points. I am always the lucky man, now I work as a salesman in a manufacture that have export right. And the product in powerful in quality, the market will be unlimited. Now, I have more clients from worldwide, have opportunity to communicate with my clients face to face in Trade show , or in our company when they came to visit . I will insist to do well to service our client.

About Your Business:

XENO Co. (China) is a company specializing in R&D, Design, manufacturing and exporting high power LED Flashlights, which is powerful in design, in quality, in CNC Machine processing. As the high quality products, has good reputation around our customer base. Such as North America, South Korea, Ukraine, Philippines, Turkey, and other countries.

XENO is dedicated to the High-end flashlight international market. We will devote to provide higher quality and more creative according to our product.

XENO LED Flashlights have its unique feature: Integral Design of head and body, Built in XENO Linear LED driver Engine, XENO unique Belt Clip, XENO unique GFC (Gamble Free Concept) impact-resistant technology, XENO unique Quiet RSL TM technology, Waterproof, Dustproof, etc.

Visit our website below for detail. If you want to be XENO Led Flashlight authorized distributors/dealer, feel free to contact me. Your company's basic info necessary for our verification. We will reply to you within short working time.

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