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Merry Han Of Besty Ltd, A Manufacturer Of Retail Display Cabinets From China

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

I was a green hand when I came in the company, which I am a manager in the office this year. I did not know how to find customers, how to make our jewelry showcases marketed on websites, or even how customers can find our good if they wanted to. By chance I knew TradersCity from a good friend of mine and he told: "you can register an account on the website and post the display showcases information and photos together so people can find you on Google, Yahoo, MSN and even

First time when I posted one trade lead on TradersCity including photos and the information about our Jewelry Showcases, the next day I found 30 people have checked my trade lead. Then I could not believe that I was able to find my posted lead when I searched for Jewelry Display Showcases on search engines. I found my website, e-mail address, my mobile phone, and all our company contact information displayed on TradersCity for anyone to see. Now they can find me if they are looking for Jewelry Showcases!

I am very happy that TradersCity is a completely free trade board. When I post a lead, buyers can see it without even needing to register! It is unlike other B2B websites which you need to pay or register if you want to see sellers or buyers information. As a beginner, my boss did not want us to use to websites that require subscription fees.

One morning when I opened my company's email, I found that someone had sent me an email inquiring about our jewelry display showcases. I knew he found me through TradersCity because he sent the email to my email address displayed on TradersCity. This happened in just one week after my registration on TradersCity. After posting more leads, I was able to find them on Google and more and more customers were able to find me and contact me every week and then every day.

Now every morning, the first thing to do at work is to check my TradersCity page to see how many people checked my trade leads, what they were looking for, what country they came from, and which search engine brought them to my leads. More and more customers now know about our company.

Using trade boards like TradersCity to market your products, is a cost effective simple method to get into exporting your products all over the world.

About Your Business:

Factory and Manufacturer for all display cabinets. Top-quality and lower prices. We at Besty (HK) Limited have our own factory and 5 designers. We can design and make the display cabinets for your unique famous Brand retail items. Also we can design and make the display showcases according to your design drawings. All the display cabinets come with lighting system. You can choose LED, Fiber Optic, or other lighting for your display cabinets. All display showcases are designed and made only for you.

Our Main Products: Jewelry display cabinet, Crystal showcase, Jewelry display cabinet and counter, Watch showcase, diamond display cabinet, Shop window counter, Fiber Optic display cabinet, Led showcase, Fiber Optic Lighting Display cabinet, Wood showcases, Display Counter, shop window display cabinet, shoes counter, bag display cabinet, leather display cabinet, counter top display, Pop up display, wooded display counter, rotary display cabinets, cabinet storage for eyeglasses.

Contact Name: Merry Han
Company Name: Besty (HK) Ltd
Country: China
Email Address:
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