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Michael Wu Of Guangzhou Yalian Lighting, A Designer And Manufacturer Of LED Lighting Products From China

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

My English name is Michael. I have this name because when I was in university I liked Michael Jackson very much and I wanted to be as famous and kind-hearted man as him. I was majoring in English and after graduation I got a job as an international trade sales in a leather factory engaged in exporting goods mainly to the E.U. market.

At the beginning of my work, I felt all the things I was experiencing were totally different from what I had learned at the university. I had to learn from the very based knowledge and English language is in some sense only a tool in international trade. The first three months for me were very valuable experience and I would be benefiting from that experience for all my life. During the first three months training, we had courses in international trade terminology, basic knowledge on the products including raw materials, factory manufacturing process, the works of each manufacturing department and some managing common senses. Then we were trained how to collect information for samples, how to take beautiful and high quality photos as a good photo is very contributive in promoting products and how to calculate the carton sizes, etc.

The company was an a member of an online B2B platform and we were focused on how to get use of it to the full potential to get more inquiries and possibly get more orders. Also we began to learn how to develop new customers and maintain good relationship with old customers. There I stayed for more than 2 years. I learned I think most of the basic knowledge in that factory and my ability has promoted me largely.

Looking back to the years since I began my work in international trade, the most important characteristics for a good sales person is being quick to learn. Ever since the information technology, science and technology is developing ever faster then before. The knowledge we have yesterday may be not be useful for today. If you lose your concentration, you might be passed over by others and you would never have the chance to catch up with them. I will not list other characteristics as you can find many on the internet, books and from other sources.

Now I am working in this LED lighting company. It's not big but everyone is hard working and why I choose this work because LED lighting field is going to be hot in the following century.

About Your Business:
Guangzhou Yalian Lighting Co., Ltd. is one of the top designer and manufacturer of a wide range of LED lighting products in China. Our factory is located in Shenzhen, and we have a Guangzhou office. Ever since the establishment in 2003, we strive to good quality products, competitive prices and customer satisfactory after-sales service. Now we are qualified supplier of some famous companies in lighting field such as Trako Light and Z2 Group.

Our products include the following series: LED strips, LED Modules, LED wall washers and floodlights, LED panel lights, LED Spotlights and bulbs, LED Tubes, LED rope lights, LED drivers and controllers.

Now we are engaged in researching on high power LED lighting products. Every month we will launch several new models of high power LED products. LED lighting is going to be the future lighting and high power led lighting will be the focus. We will continue offering the best quality products and services to maintain a strong and long-term cooperation with both old and new customers.

Contact Name: Michael Wu
Company Name: Guangzhou Yalian Lighting Co., Ltd.
Country: China
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