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Nancy Of Alfa Sourcing International Helping Provide Purchasing Expertise And Services From China

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

When I was studying in school, I had no idea about import export business, just thought it was a nice job and a good choice. So I kept studying English, remembered more and more words. In fact, when I graduated from the colleague, I was not sure if I was qualified. As the school teaching is not the real life and not that practical. Also my major is not English, but Computers.

Until my quitting the first job, and start learning it from my second job, it was a tough job, in fact. It seemed like I was empty in my mind, I need to learn it step by step. Worked for extra time, did extra job without any complaint, traced the production, made many many documents, arranged shipping and loading, even did the packing etc.

I knew my position and kept in my mind that it was the hard beginning, all would be fine later, it was a tough time indeed.

Finally I got my chance when attending the furniture fair as a waiter, the moment all the sales were busy, but the boss needed a translator, then I seized the oportunity and helped to translate, the client and the boss were both satisfied. My life changed from that time on, though I still had to do all the extra work or even more. Maybe this was my first time to reach the real international business. I was happy, my dream was closer!

I became very busy and more tired, looks like always not enough time for working each day. Because some sales left the company, I need to follow up their clients also. Everyday, just kept working and studying, this kind of busy life last for around one and a half year. Finally new colleague came and I could share some extra work to them.

By this tim, I got all the necessary knowledge and qualified as an international sales, got well along with the clients and created more than 20 containers a month. I am happy that I make it!

Now I have already left this company and start my own trading business. Hopefully everything will be better soon!

About Your Business:

We are a sourcing company based in China, dealing with different kinds of furniture, LED lights, crystal lights, decoration, sanitary, construction products etc.

Help to mix container when needed. No matter how the order quantity, we can do it. Act as an apartment or agent in China for foreign clients, source everything they need, negotiate the prices, do extra quality inspection, push the production, check documents, etc.

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