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Patrick Of Topton Leisure Collection Ltd From China Supplier Of Outdoor And Camping Products

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

I studied economics and trade while i was in university.

China finally became a member of the WTO in 2001 which gave us more confidence in our future career.

I graduated in 2005 and joined a company located in Ningbo for which i work over 5 years.

For export business, 1990-2005 is the golden age to make money. During that time, people made a lot of "easy money".

After 2005,business became harder as there's intense competition.

The situation was worse after the financial shock originated from Wall Street in 2008.

Our buyer cut their budget and business became really hard since then.

About Your Business:

Topton Leisure Collection Ltd is an experienced supplier of outdoor and camping products.

Through years' efforts, we've developed into a reliable supplier for many importers, wholesalers and retailers worldwide.

This remarkable achievement has been driven by our attention to quality and innovation. We develop and supply:

  1. products for beach, garden and other outdoor activities
  2. products for camping

We arrange production, inspection and documentation for our customers. We take care of every step to make sure the products are correctly produced, inspected and shipped.

We're experienced to find competitive solutions to customers' marketing ideas and we've been endeavoring to make us the one-stop purchasing destination for outdoor and camping products.

Contact Name: Patrick
Company Name: Topton Leisure Collection Ltd
Country: China
Email Address: patrick[-at-]topton-intl{dot}com
Import Export Trade Leads: Patrickyao - Import Export