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Shaukat H Khan Of Arya International Textile Company From USA

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

It was year 1974/1975 when I first started my import/export business. Total money I spent on buying the necessary tools was $35.00 and I started from my home.

I would go to my daytime job an in the evening would type letters and send it to the suppliers abroad.

I had heard that if I write 100 letters and if 3 reply you are good and I would type as many letters I could in six to seven hours a night.

In about 20 days I starting getting replies and then on my days off I would take the samples I had received and go around the market to see the importers if they would buy from me. Every one I went to gave me a run around saying, I need this and that and not what you have and I would go back and start writing letters again every night.

Till one day a friend of a friend saw me in the market and called me and asked what I was doing and I told him the whole story and he said, I know you are honest and a hard worker and it will not work this way in this market. He told me to go home and come back tomorrow and see him and I did so.

When I went there he offered me a cup of tea and told me to come to the other room and showed me a table and chair and said that is for you my friend and when ever you are ready just start working from that table and I will guide you and tell you what and how to do business.

In a couple of months I started getting orders and business came my way from left and right and which would have not been achieved if that person did not guide and show me the right path. I always praise and pray for that old man as after the revolution we were separated and I have not since seen him or heard from him. I always tell this story to my friends when ever I get a chance.

About your business:

We are a ready made garments company here in the USA and we have our own manufacturing units in china and Pakistan and our own offices in Bangladesh and Australia and an office in Cote D'ivoire as well.

Our workers have more than a decade experience working in our factories in Pakistan and china and some have 30 years.

We do not engage child labor in any of our factories. It is very highly recommended that your good self please do visit our factories and see first hand our quality and work man ship with your own eyes. We can supply knitted and woven ready made garments as fresh orders and even have stock lots.

Contact Name: Shaukat H. Khan
Company Name: Arya Int'L . Textile Company Inc
Country: USA
Email Address: shaka1288[-at-]yahoo(dot)com
Import Export Trade Leads: Aryainternational - Import Export