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William Of Esperantop Holding Producing High Volume Short Lead Time Consumer Goods From China

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

I used TradersCity 2 years ago, up to now, I think TradersCity is the most effective website for us to develop business.

Two years ago, we just produced electronics and one staff issued one trade lead via TradersCity, one week later, we received an inquiry about our electronic massager. I was surprised as how did the customer from Thailand know us and I was told they knew us via TradersCity.

Then we focused more on using TradersCity and posted more trade leads about our products. Every month we can get at least 5 to 10 inquiries and 2 orders via TradersCity!

I don't know the background of TradersCity, I just know that it is so powerful and I think it is more useful than Ali and other B2B site, I am sure of this.

About Your Business:

Esperantop Started its operation in Hong Kong with the establishment of Esperantop Holding Co., Limited which until today still remains its core operation company. In the years that followed, several additional companies were established to broaden the group's scope of business, these companies where formed to provide specific areas of Specialization.

Esperantop Holding Co., Limited mainly produces high-volume, short lead-time consumer goods. Esperantop covers the following categories of hard goods and soft goods: Consumer electronics , electric appliances, LED light, solar charger, body and beauty care device etc.

The company has a worldwide network and an infrastructure of subsidiaries, offices and associated companies in China. Esperantop International business operation span over forty countries, with its major market being Europe and North America. Dynamism and products specialization are what drive the groups' enterprise..

Contact Name: william
Company Name: Esperantop Holding Co., Limited
Country: China
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