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William Lin Of Zhongshan Zhuoli Trading Sourcing Electronic Home Appliances From China

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

As a freshman to the import export business, it is good to have someone experienced to teach us from the basic knowledge to specific cases.

We get our customers in the Fair after face to face communication and discussion over products and prices. At first, we quoted same price to guests from all over the world, but lately we found it unworkable.

For different standards and requirements are in different market. Our price may be too high or unreasonably low. And also you should take different strategy towards different clients.

Some of them only want discount without considering if the price we quoted first reasonable or not. Some is straight, you can get the business if you price is reasonable provided that your products are also suitable for him.

About Your Business:

Choicelead is a legal Foreign Trade Operator registered at MOFTEC (Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation) (Registration No. 4400684465246) in China. Choicelead can perform all relevant procedure and obtain necessary documents in AQSIQ and China Customs for importing and exporting activities, as well as preparing various kinds of Commercial documentation and Certificates for International trading regulation.

Located in the Chinese Pioneer manufacturing industrial area, the Pearl River Delta Guangdong province, Choicelead enjoys the rich resources of thousands of factories right next to the door.

Choicelead is always devoting himself on sourcing refined electronic home appliances with competitive price from reliable factories ever since the very beginning. Choicelead’s rich line covers a wide range of products such as juicers, blenders, food processing and mixing Machine, cooking ware, yogurt makers, scale and USB fan.

Besides the superior location, Choicelead’s experienced and patient team can guarantee a fluent communication with our distinguished guests not only for our standard products, but also turn the headache OEM projects which require a lot of back-and-forth discussion to be an easy and enjoyable trip.

Of course, this is not all for Choicelead. Choicelead does not limit himself in the list field, inquiries about any products are welcome. It is also Choicelead’s pleasure if you need us to provide assistant on following your order or doing the procedure of declaring for your goods to the Customs.

Contact Name: William Lin
Company Name: Zhongshan Zhuoli Trading Co., Ltd.
Country: China
Email Address:
Import Export Trade Leads: zlwilliam - Import Export