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Global International an exclusive natural mineral water suppliers in the Russian Beverage Market

Dear Sirs,

Let me have a say that before starting our own business I had been working for many years in a machinery and a car industry. And I should say that I made a nice career in it. I grew up on Purchase Director. And I was the one for 3 years. My job was connected with export and import of machinery things from all over the world. That is how I learned about exporting and importing.

I managed this business for my boss for many years. But as you know it happened sometimes that a new owner came to our plant. So he brought with him new people, and a lot of us old ones were forced to leave the company. I was one of them.

There was a choice weather to start searching for another job or to start doing on your own. Of course I had many connections and people I had worked before.

It seems strange but one of them was our company supplier who was making his business on selling us his natural mineral water from his small plant in the country. For many years my office had bought his water for our own drinking needs.

The time I left the company, Russia started coming down into crisis. So many offices, bars, sport clubs, banks were closed. Of course it could not influence our water supplier business for selling water to offices and other places.

After several meetings we decided that we can unite our capitals and posibilities together to promote natural mineral water further on the world wide market. We both liked the idea that some day our product can be seen in hotels, offices, bars, clubs of any country. So that is how Global International Co., Ltd was born.

Since than we tried to do our best to gain the aim. How we do it? Well, I had many friends abroad, so now some of them became our dealers, some just told that if they had an oppoturnity they will help me. Next is web site. Also many B2B places now has information about our product. Than sometimes I find interesting organisation, I will try to connect to them.

I try to send to the potential customer just one simple idea that it needs to be tasted at least once. I also tell my self that everyday you have to invent at least one new idea how to get closer to the goal your chose.

About doing business in Russia. Now it is constantly coming down. It became smaller and smaller. We imported a lot of things to Russia than oil and financial credits were high. Now it is to difficult to start selling something. At least you should have a good partner and wasted a lot of money into promotion of your product.

On the other hand Russia had many posibilities to grow. For example, everybody knows about biodiesel from rapeseed oil. Russian fields are empty. Please come, grow, make, become, rich. That kind of cooperation which Russia needs.

Hope I said enough for a short story. Thank you for giving me a chance to share it with you. If any question, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

About Global International:

Our company is one of the exclusive natural mineral water suppliers in the Russian Beverage Market. We have been supplying natural mineral water for 7 years. Before this year we had focused our product on government administrative institutions, Banks, governor service, head offices of the main business corporations.

Our retailers are delivering the water directly to the table of many luxurious restaurants, conferences, meetings and summits. A bottle of water from our plant was an integral part of any significant event in public life of our region.

The other share of market for our water distribution is belonging to the food industry. A lot of food ingredient producers which need free from any ill-bacteria water are applying to our source. Especially in salting, marinating and conservation food technology processes. As the pure water plays the main role in making those ingredients save for people.

This year we made up our mind to expand our activity in the Worldwide Beverage Markets. We consider that the quality of natural mineral water is necessary to be tasted and known by customers in other countries.

We think that nowadays there is a big demand of the population in the world to drink the mineral water from the natural source free from any purification actions on its part. Many investigations regarding water show that the water keeps and transfer the human being thoughts and emotions. It tires a man by the energy channel to the mother Earth.

That is why there is no purification system invented in the world which can obtain or make the water closer to its natural state. And the aim of our company is to bring the natural water source in your life.

Please make a detailed request for our company natural mineral water, we will quote our best offer. Let ourselves be not like machines!

Contact Name: Dmitry Dubkov
Company Name: Global International Co., Ltd
Country: Russia
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