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Oliviera Marina Of Brasileira Cabelo Ltd A Human Hair Suppliers From Brazil

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

I was the owner of a small salon in Monteira, a small town in Sao Paolo where all the girls usually come to do their hair.

One day I got a new client who was of British Origin and she admired the girls at my salon so much. She told me in UK, Brazilian hair can fetch a fortune.

I talked with a friend of mine and we trusted the stranger with 2 kilogram of 100% Brazilian hair and that was our first export.

We made pretty good profits from selling just 2kg and we though the business was worth the try.

After 5 months of success, we adopted the brand name Brasileira Cabelo Ltda

About Your Business:

Brasileira Cabelo Ltda was established in 2002 as a local human hair suppliers in Brazil - oriented unit specializing in the manufacture of Brazilian human hair . With over 10 years in the business, today it has established itself as the premier human hair manufacturers in Brazil and became human hair exporters in Brazil since 2007 to different parts of world. over decades as a human hair suppliers in Brazil we have supplied our hair to Italy, United States, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Sweden, Denmark, among other countries.

With increased production capacities, the firm has set itself an export target of 2000 kilos a year and became one of the popular human hair distributors in Brazil.

With over 10 years experience in the hair company we are at the forefront pioneers providing the best quality Brazilian hair on the market and developing new techniques and ideas in hair extensions business.

We qualify our hair from one stage of preparation to the next only when it fulfills the criteria of the stage in question. Brasileira Cabelo Ltda international is a noted and reputed human hair exporters of world class Virgin Remy Brazilian human Hair, Virgin Remy Brazilian human hair Single Drawn, Hair, Machine Weft human Hair, Hand Weft human Hair, Micro Weft Brazilian human Hair, Keratin Extension, Pre-bonded Hair, Clip-on Extensions, Bleached human Hair in Various natural colors, Skin Weft Hair, etc.

As one of the noted human hair manufacturer from Brazil we feel proud when we satisfy our each and every clients need and always ready to hear their needs. Our wholesale human hair Factory is praised globally in the wholesale human hair business.

Our hair company has a simple philosophy which guides its activities: respect for nature and mankind. This finds expression in everything the company does: from the purchase of raw hairs to the packing of the finished products. Each stage is carefully monitored by experts to ensure that we remain Eco-friendly.

The firm also provides twin sources of income to over 50 local families by allowing men and women to take basic jobs home on a contractual basis.

Contact Name: Ms. Oliviera Marina
Company Name: Brasileira Cabelo Ltd
Country: Brazil
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