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Lindolfo de Oliveira Neto Of LON International Trader Developing International Sales To Brazilian Producers

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

I started working in the foreign exchange department in Banks in Brazil 30 years ago and became fascinated by the international area.

Since this date, I prepared myself to learn all the procedure inside the banks and understand what the documents were necessary in export and import transaction.

I studied a second language to help with International docs and after a certain time I came to work in a Company and had an opportunity to work directly with production, sales and financial departments.

In 2002, the company was sold so I gathered all experience and started offering to small and medium companies the possibility to be known world wide thru a serious service.

I am happy because this is real in my life today and I assist some Brazilian companies, not only to get new importers, but how to procedure with documents and payments as I have a deep knowledge in banks.

My advise to anyone who wants to do a similar job is: Study International business and believe in you can.

About Your Business:

My company is in charge today of developing international sales to Brazilian producers and can offer bikinis, fitness wear, women shoes, men shoes, gold plated jewelry, bio jewelry, underwear, pre fabricated wooden kits and food carts.

Contact Name: Lindolfo de Oliveira Neto
Company Name: L.O.N. International Trader
Country: Brazil
Email Address:
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